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Marty Sammon’s Holiday Hoedown – Winter Blues Fling

Another Chicago Winter have you feeling and looking blue…then warm up at Marty Sammon’s Holiday Hoedown, December 15,2013.  Doors open at 5pm, Showtime 6pm-10pm. $10 in Advance, $12 at the door.

Where:  The Harald Viking Lodge, 6730 W. 175th Street, Tinley Park IL

The lineup includes:  Jimmy Burns, Tom Halland, Giles Corey, Barry Cloyd, Nate Manos, Tim Austin, TK Pivonka, Greg Haar, Rick King, Pete Galanis, Marvin Little, Voodoo Jones Band, The Washboard Man, Kamil Zajac, Buddy P, Anthony Moser and special guests!

For tickets:  On Sale!





Marty Sammon's Summer Sizzle - Blues Fling

Marty Sammon’s Summer Sizzle – Blues Fling

Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival – Review By Dan Hack

Couldn’t make it to Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival (click on the image below to see Dan Hack’s review):

Crossroads Dan Hack

March 14 10PM LIVE BROADCAST On Hambones Blues Show 90.9 WDCB

Make sure you tune in at 10pm to listen to Marty on Hambones Blues Show 90.9 WDCD on March 14th!



Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival – April 12 -13th, Madison Square Garden

Check out this line up which includes Buddy Guy/Quinn Sullivan and of course, Marty Sammon (and the rest of the Damn Right Blues Band).

A schedule hasn’t been posted yet, but if you find yourself in NY–you may want to check it out:




Tickets for Marty Sammon’s Spring Blues Fling are available ONLINE now!




Marty To Perform With Buddy Guy (And Others) On “The Tonight Show” With Jay Leno – March 12th

Don’t miss this special performance!

On March 12th, Marty will be performing with Buddy Guy, Chris Layton of Double Trouble(SRV), Billy Cox (Hendrix) and Mato Nanji (Indigenous) and Brad Whitford from Aerosmith.


Marty Sammon On Robert Randolph’s New CD “Slide Brothers”


Published: 2013/02/08

The Slide Brothers


Robert Randolph Presents: The Slide Brothers

Concord Records
The opening seconds of Robert Randolph Presents: The Slide Brothers are awash in joyful noise: Marty Sammon’s gentle organ is the first thing you hear; next comes Chuck Campbell, working his multi-levered and -pedaled steel guitar to bounce one stinging note off the other; his brother Darick’s lap steel joins in, all icy-hot sizzling tone; their nephew Carlton Campbell splashes glistening cymbals over the whole thing – letting it build to a peak, then gently settle. Carlton kicks the drum kit into gear and – BA-WOOMP – we’re propelled into a very, very funky place as Orlando Wright’s walloping bass and the chikka-chikka rhythms of Darick and Chuck’s brother Phil’s six-string arrive on the scene to lay it down with the rest of the band.
“Oh, tell me ‘bout the car I saw, parked outside your door,” sings Calvin Cooke, sounding like a man who’s needing some answers from his baby. That’s right: these cats are doing the deed to “Don’t Keep Me Wondering” – The Slide Brothers take on The Allman Brothers. The Campbells’ steel guitars bob and weave with Cooke’s vocal, letting it all hang out like sweat-soaked Raelettes, before taking the lead themselves for the tune’s final two minutes. Tension and release? These guys are masters, establishing themes and turning them into mini-documentaries of tone and groove that tell complete stories in the matter of just a few bars. By the end of “Don’t Keep Me Wondering”, the core vibe of The Slide Brothers is well-established: you’ve forgotten that these are guitars; they’re simply beautiful, one-of-a-kind voices.

For those of you wondering about Mr. Randolph, whose name appears in the album’s title, don’t worry – he’s here as part of this big ol’ round robin of talent. So’s Aubrey Ghent, another all-star from the same Sacred Steel world that the Campbells grew up in. (So is Calvin Cooke, who also does some mighty fine picking, along with a number of lead vocals.) Other players include Marcus Randolph (drums) and Danyel Morgan (bass) from Robert Randolph’s Family Band; jam master-of-all-trades Jason Crosby on keys; blues queen Shemekia Copeland, who leads the rave-up “Praise You”; and a once-in-a-lifetime pairing of bassist Billy Cox (from Jimi Hendrix’ Band Of Gypsys) and former Stevie Ray Vaughan drummer Chris Layton on a monster version of “The Sky Is Crying”. (Robert Randolph and Chuck Campbell swap steel licks on this one while Cooke sings the blues.)

Speaking of blues, there’s plenty here – Orlando Wright’s bass is mixed into the forefront of “It Hurts Me Too” while Drew Ramsey and Shannon Sanders split vox duties on a driving “Motherless Children” that cranks Eric Clapton’s 461 Ocean Boulevard arrangement up another couple of notches. “Sunday School Blues” is cool and funky; “Catch That Train” finds Ghent and Cooke pulling off some slick call-and-response with both their voices and steel guitars;  Cooke explores the jamming possibilities to be found in the one-chord trance blues of “Help Me Make It Through”; and the version of “My Sweet Lord” offered here may be one of the sweetest ever recorded – a great tribute to George Harrison.

Robert Randolph Presents: The Slide Brothers is a great testament to the depth of sound that can be produced by steel guitars – both lap and pedal. Steelers Chuck and Darick Campbell, Aubrey Ghent, Calvin Cooke, Robert Randolph – and their great supporting cast – do it all: from Sunday morning-style glory to outer space funk.

Hallelujah for The Slide Brothers.

March 24th,2013 – Marty Sammon Spring Blues Fling – Tinley Park, IL *ALL AGES

Dear Friends, Family, and Fans,
I want to thank everyone for their unending support over the years.  It’s nice to play shows for a house full of people that are really there for the music.  My good friend Ted Lemen and I are putting on a show on Sunday March 24th in Tinley Park IL which we’re calling Marty Sammon’s Spring Blues Fling.  This event is the first of what I hope to be many.  I’m hoping to be able to assemble a lineup of great blues acts that you normally wouldn’t see together in a venue that has no age restriction.  This would give young musicians and blues fans an opportunity to see up close professional blues players doing what they do best.  In order to guarantee that we can do this again I’m asking everyone to attend this event.  This first show is a test to see if this can last in the future.  I’m confidant that we can do this again and again if we have good support for the first attempt.  Ted and I have created a lineup that can’t be beat.  Please show your support and come out to this fun filled evening of blues.
Marty Sammon
Marty Sammon's Spring Blues Fling

Marty Sammon’s Spring Blues Fling

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