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2014  Jim Longo Band. Nothing Up Your Sleeve (CD)
2014  Giles Corey Stoned Soul (CD)    Delmark Records   (*writer of 2 songs and performer)
2014  Devon Allman Ragged & Dirty (CD)
2014  Brian Carpe Rockin’ Bollocks (CD)
2013  Eric Clapton’s Crossroads (DVD) from Madison Square Garden
2013  Robert Randolph presents the Slide Brothers (CD) Dare Records
2013 Quinn Sullivan – Getting There (CD) Superstar Records
2013 Delmark 60 Years of The Blues (CD) Delmark Records
2012 Rob Blaine Big Otis (CD) Swississippi Records
2012 Rick Simcox What We Are (CD) RSTQ Records
2012 Lil Ed and the Blues Imperials Jump Start (CD) Alligator Records
2012 Buddy Guy Live at Legends (CD) RCA Records
2011 Rick Simcox- What We Are (CD) RSTQ Records
2011 Breezy – Playing my Game Too (CD) 3011 Production
2011 Breezy – Hope (CD) 3011 Production
2010 Swississsippi Chris Harper Four Aces and a King (CD) Swississippi Records
2010 Rob Blaine  Big Otis Blues (CD)  Swississippi Records
2010 Buddy Guy Living Proof (CD) Jive Records  **GRAMMY WINNING** Best Contemporary Blues Album
2010 Buddy Guy- Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Festival (DVD) Rhino Records
2009 Amy Lowe Precious Gifts (CD)
2008 Marty Sammon/Tom Holland 190 Proof Blues (CD) DopplerVision
2008 Experience Hendrix Tour (DVD) Image Entertainment
2008 Buddy Guy- Live At Estival Lugano (DVD)
2007 Lubriphonic Soul Solution (CD)
2007 Buddy Guy- Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Festival (DVD) Rhino Records
2006 Lubriphonic Supermancho (CD)
2006 Buddy Guy- North Seas Jazz Festival (DVD)
2006 Amy Lowe Building a Town (CD)
2005 Amy Lowe Math Music (CD)
2005 Amy Lowe Brighter than Fireflies (CD)
2004 Lubriphonic – Lubriphonic (CD) Lubricated Music Inc.
2004 Buddy Guy-Carlos Santana Presents The Blues (DVD) Eagle Rock Entertainment
2003 Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues Go – Martin Scorsese Presents    The Blues: Godfathers & Sons. Soundtrack (CD) Universal Music Enterprise *GRAMMY*
2002 Marty Sammon Band Live (CD)
2000 Phil Guy; Say What You Mean (CD) JSP Records
2000 Michael Coleman Do Your Thing (CD) Delmark Records
2000 Marty Sammon Hound Dog Barkin;(CD)
1999 Otis Rush Blues Express – Live Part 1 (DVD/CD) Blues Express
1998 Rick Andrews Press Towards Canaan (CD)
1998 Marty Sammon Band Live at Orazio’s (CD)
1997 Rick Andrews Little Brother (CD) Ray Of Hope Records
1997 Marty Sammon- Songs Before My Time
1996 Marty Sammon -Honky Tonk Piano Party (cassette)
1995 Marty Sammon – Right at Home  (cassette)